Welcome to the North Rolling Plains Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Council web site. The RC&D Council is a 501c3 Non- Profit organization that works to improve the quality of life in rural communities in the Texas Panhandle.  We help local communities, counties and other non-profit organizations to plan and implement community improvement projects. Our focus is on projects that benefit natural resources, education, community health, recreation, and tourism.  We will consider almost any project that helps meet the needs of the people in our ten county area.  We invite you to join us in these efforts by becoming a partner.  Please contact us at 806-662-3018 for more information about the Resource Conservation and Development Program.  Together we can “Make Things Happen”.


• Stimulate sustainable economic development
  in our ten-county region
• Protect and develop natural resources
• Improve our quality of life
• Strengthen our region through diverse
• Grow from the grass roots up
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